Saturday, June 22, 2024

Missional Research

Did You Know?
In Tennessee alone there are over 5 million lost people?
Chances are - you know a few!
According to the Gordon-Conwell Seminary: Center for the Study of Global Christianity
  • Every twenty-four hours the world has a population net growth of 219,000 people.
  • Christians number 170,000 converts per day but find 91,000 defectors, so the net growth is 79,000 Christians daily.
  • Of the 2,113,199,000 "affiliated" Christians, 1,476,690,000 are "church attenders."
  • There were 175,000 Christian martyrs worldwide this year.
You do the math - 219,000 - 79,000 means that 140,000 per day are dying without hope of eternal life in Jesus.
Where does Jesus want you to go on mission this year?
Next door? In your town? In your county? Tennessee? USA? North America? World?
The Great Commission is not an option- it is a command!
Jesus said, "Go and Make Disciples!"
International Mission Board Facts
Field Personnel Under Appointment - 5,521
Career/associates/apprentices - 4,227
ISC/Journeyman/Masters - 1,294
Overseas baptisms 2007 - 609,968
Overseas churches 2007 - 157,890
New churches in 2007 - 1,183
Population of Last frontier peoples - 1.6 billion