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Pastor and Staff Appreciation

Pastor & Staff Appreciation

The Month of October has traditionally been set as Pastor & Staff Appreciation Month. Here are a few ides that you may consider to say, "Thank You!"

1. Begin NOW to plan the date you will celebrate and say thanks! National Clergy Appreciation Day is the second Sunday of October each year. You may choose another day.

2. Use the Personnel Committee or appoint a team to plan the event. Be intentional.

3. Ideas - Present each pastor/staff member with one ro more of the following: Appreciation certificate or plaque; gift certificate/card; monetary gift; flowers for wife; mini-vacation (provide a weekend trip out of town - maybe at a bread and breakfast); reception following the service

4. During the service have a special time of prayer for the staff.

LOVE the Staff God has given you to serve Him among your part of the Kingdom!

TBC and Ridgecrest offer a special rate for ministers and/or families to get away. This would be an affordable opportunity to provide a day or two for retreat. The Linden Valley Baptist Conference Center (877-354-6336) and Carson Springs Baptist Conference Center (877-704-6336) offer the rate of $29 for a Minister Getaway. Give them a call and schedule your Pastor and/or Staff's Appreciation Weekend!


Sabbatical Leave

(Spiritual Renewal)

For Pastors/Staff

Definition: Among Baptists, the concept of sabbatical is a relatively novel idea. That is unfortunate because the practice of sabbatical could bless both the minister and congregation. A sabbatical is a specific peroid of time off granted to the minister for the purpose of in-depth focus on professional and spiritual renewal and calling. It is a gift the congregation can give to her pastor/staff in recognition of faithful ministry over and exteded period of time. It is not a vacation or personal leave. Rather it is a time for creative and intentional meditation, reflection, study and "going deeper with God." An important result ofsabbatical (Spiritual renewal) is that the pastor/staff returns to the church field with renewed focus and energy to fulfill God's calling.

BENEFITS OF SABBATICAL for the minister:   1)Infuses new life into the minister; 2) Sharpens ministry skills; 3) Refocuses the minister's calling and missoin; 4) Deepens the minister's appreciation of the congregation; 5) Creates in the minister a new resolve to serve the congregation and the Kingdom of God.

BENEFITS OF SABBATICAL for the church: 1) Focuses and engages the ministry of the laity; 2) Creates a renewed appreciation of the minister; 3) Return of minister who is energized and refocused; 4) Blessed by a revival of mutual devotion of minister and members.

PLANNING A SABBATICAL: A good way to plan for a sabbatical leave is to involve both the minister and congregation. Our Baptist polity would be very friendly to the formation of a sabbatical planning team that could work hand-in-hand with the minister. A critical component of that planning will include education of the congregation to understand and appreciate the concept.

If you need assistance in planning or writing a sabbatical policy for your church, please give me a call (Bro. Tim). I'd enjoy meeting with your church or planning team to discuss writing the policy.