Monday, July 04, 2022

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New Duck River Baptist Association News
Summer 2022


A little over two years ago a world-wide pandemic called for churches to shut down all across the nation and around the world. I, along with many pastors in the association, thought it would be a short-term shutdown. However, it lingered on. Many of our churches and pastors began FM broadcasts to parking lots; followed by social media and internet live broadcasts. What we saw was an event that created a new normal. The GOSPEL was literally being proclaimed around the world from homes, offices, churches.  Pastors began daily and weekly updates via these platforms. The world-wide web pushed the local church outside the box. Stay there!


Mission and ministry are often found outside the box. I’ve heard many stories of how people have heard and responded to the Gospel as WE did church beyond the walls of the local church. Seeds planted. Lives changed. Souls saved. Discipleship continued. We may never return to the “normal” church again. Do not let that be a source of discouragement. Instead, let it be a source of encouragement of the church outside the box.


Continue to find new ways to share the Gospel, plant seeds and fulfill the final command of Jesus to “Go and make disciples” of all nations, peoples, tribes all around the earth. Start right where the Father has placed you within your family, work, community, church and extend your mission to the ends of the earth!


One way of Making Disciples is by planning now to lead your children (grades 1-6) to learn the WORD. Vacation Bible School introduces children through adults to the Word each summer. Children’s Bible Drill leads them deeper into the WORD through memorization and sound Biblical Theology over a prescribed process. Begin now preparing for next year’s Bible Drills. The church of tomorrow starts with the children of today.


Until HE comes, be on mission; work for the Kingdom!


In Him,                           **********************************************************************


           Be a part of Vacation Bibles School this summer. It matters not

the curriculum you choose. What matters is that you share Jesus in your church, community, or on a mission trip. The most effective tool for Evangelism this summer is Vacation Bible School. I will see you at VBS this summer!


Disaster Relief Opportunities – Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief is on mission in Tennessee and around the world! The spring storms and hurricane season are upon us. Now is the time for training. There are many opportunities to serve as a credential volunteer and non-credential volunteer. I can assist in training your church teams to be a credential volunteer, opening up many more doors of mission opportunity.

Association and Church Mission Possibilities:  Alaska Villages Church Partnerships – If you’d like information on how to Network and/or even go to explore the needs of Alaska Village Partnerships (adopting and reaching a village in Alaska for Christ), let me know. I would be happy to help you explore the opportunities.

International Possibilities:  If you want to go beyond the USA there are several opportunities. Belize has possible church partnerships. Brazil projects are delayed, but possibilities are opening. The Dominican Republic is open. Our churches are involved and coordinating these countries. Bro Tim has contacts all around the world that you may be involved with. Let him know of your desires. Opportunities await! Be on Mission!

Upcoming Calendar for the NDRBA, TBMB and SBC

June 2022: Southern Baptist Convention, Anaheim, CA

   5   -    Disaster Relief Sunday

   11 -   CrossOver Missions Anaheim, CA

12-13 - DOM & Pastor's Conferences, Anaheim, CA

14-15 - Southern Baptist Convention Meeting, Anaheim, CA

   19  -  FATHER'S DAY

June 27 – July 1 - Copper Basin Mission VBS, Ducktown, TN


July 2022: Missions Month- Praying for Mission Teams

June 23-July 15 – ALASKA MISSION – various teams as possibilities arise

    3   -   Citizenship & Religious Liberty Sunday, SBC

    4   -   INDEPENDENCE DAY - Happy 4th of July!!


August 2022: Back to School Emphasis- Praying for Students, Teachers, Administration

     7  -   Student Evangelism Sunday, SBC - Back to School Sunday

    15 -   Pastor's Meeting, Baptist Center, Shelbyville - 11:00am

    15 -   Administrative Leadership Team, Shelbyville, 6:30pm

24 – Sept 3 -   Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration Event

   28  -   Global World Hunger Sunday, SBC


September 2022: Praying for Student Evangelism

    5   -   LABOR DAY

   12  -   Pastor's Meeting,  Lewisburg - 11:00am

   12  -   Fall Discipleship Showcase 2022 - 6:30pm

   21  -   “SEE YOU AT THE POLE” Wednesday prayer around the flag pole

   26  -    Executive Board - 6:00pm


October 2022: New Duck River Baptist Association Emphasis

16-23-   New Duck River Baptist Association Week of Prayer: Special Offering - Williams Scholarship

   17  -    Pastor's Meeting, Baptist Center, Shelbyville - 11:00am

   24  -    77th Annual Meeting

                                5:45pm First Session - WORSHIP

6:30pm Fellowship Meal

7:15pm Second Session - Business


November 2022: Tennessee Baptist Summit

    6   -    Daylight Savings Time ENDS

    6   -    Disaster Relief Appreciation Sunday Special Offering

13-16  -  Tennessee Baptist Summit, Bellevue Baptist, Cordova, TN



December 2022: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions

4-11  -   Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions

    6   -   Pastor/Staff/Wife Christmas Fellowship, TBA

  25   -   CHRISTMAS – He is Born!!!



GO and MAKE DISCIPLES of all Nations, beginning at Home

New Duck River Baptist Association

902 Union Street, Shelbyville, TN 37160