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New Duck River Baptist Association News
Winter 2021


Welcome to 2021; another year has come and gone! 2020 was a year of challenge; a year of many changes, gains/losses, highs/lows. The Father showed up to stretch us in many ways; taught us to think outside the box.


An amazing way HE showed up in 2020: WE as a group of churches in Middle Tennessee came together during the New Duck River Baptist Associational Week of Prayer and received a Special Offering to retire the debt on the Mission Center (El Bethel Property). To God be the Glory! We are debt free once again. The Father is using that property to win, disciple and multiply.


In 2021 there will be more events outside the box with zooms, webinars and special event via the internet. All events will be shown at the Associational Office (social distancing) and all will be available at home, if you choose. Each web event on the calendar with include a web address. Some may require pre-registration. Check them out, sign up and enjoy learning at home or come and learn at the office.


As many things changed and the old “norm” fades, 2021 may bring on many new “norms” in various formats. However, one thing will never change, Jesus is the only way to the Father and eternal life! Let that be our driving force amongst the changes we experience with the new norm. Share Jesus wherever HE places you.


Hold fast to the final command of Jesus “Go and make disciples” of all nations, peoples, tribes all around the earth. I am blessed to be your AMS / DOM or whatever you want to call me! I enjoy the invitations to be NEAR you as we Network, Equip, Assist and Resource for Kingdom-work effectively. Just call on me!


In Him,



Now more than ever, identify - Who’s Your One? Imagine if every believer could answer that question with the name of a person who is far from God- a person for whom they’re praying and with whom seeking to share the life-changing Gospel. That’s the intention behind Who’s You One. Make a significant impact for God’s Kingdom. Identify, pray and share with your one!


War Room Prayer Boot Camp will be offered at First Baptist, Cornersville for 8 weeks at 6:00pm beginning Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Come join in, learn and pray together for a Great Spiritual Awakening.


The Financial Issues Webinar on Thursday, January 14 will address multiple issues, updates and items of interest for pastors, financial secretaries and any who deal with IRS filings at the church. The event is free but registration is required at This event will be projected at the office.


On Monday, January 25, 2021 the New Duck River Baptist Association Executive Board will blend the in person business and worship sessions with an online viewing option. The fellowship meal begins at 6:00pm. The business session and worship begins at 6:45pm. Ridley Barron will be sharing and you don’t want to miss.



Pray for our churches without pastors: : First Baptist Bell Buckle; First Baptist College Grove (Frank Sullivan, Interim); Fair Haven (Lynn Pryor, Interim), Hickory Hill (Bob Roberts, Interim), First Lynchburg (Jimmy Gray, Interim), First Normandy (Chris Heath, Interim) and Smyrna (Charles Nored, Interim).



TENTATIVE Upcoming Calendar for the NDRBA, TBMB and SBC (all subject to change)


December 2020: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions

Nov 29 – 6  -  Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions

    8    -  Pastor/Staff/Wife Christmas Fellowship, TBA





January 2021: SBC: Call to Prayer for a Great Spiritual Awakening all month

3 – 10 -    January Bible Study Week – SBC

     11  -    Pastor's Meeting, Shelbyville, Baptist Center - 11:00am

     14  -    Financial Issues Webinar, Free & pre-register at

     16  -    Multi-church DiscipleNow Weekend, all day at First Baptist Shelbyville. Call the church to register.

     17  -    Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

22-23  -    Bi-vocational Pastor/Wife Retreat, Pigeon Forge – TBMB CANCELLED

22-24 -     Youth Conclave Leadership Training, Chattanooga Convention Center, TBC

     25  -    Executive Board – Grove Hill Church, Chapel Hill- 6:00pm, live and webcast (address to follow)


February 2021: FRANtastic Days in Sunday School Month / True Love Waits Month

     7    -    Friend Day in Sunday School

     8   -     Pastor's Meeting, Shelbyville, Baptist Center - 11:00am

     8  -      NDRBA Summer Mission Information Meeting, Baptist Center - 6:00pm

 8 – 10 -    Transitional Interim Pastor Training, Carson Springs, TN - TBMB

     9  -      Administrative Committee Meeting – 6:30pm

   14   -     Relative Day in Sunday School

   21  -      Associate Day in Sunday School

   25  -      TBCAL Day Retreat – Franklin, TBMB

   28  -      Neighbor Day in Sunday School


March 2021: Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

 5 - 6    -    TBMB State Evangelism Conference – Brentwood Baptist Church

     6      -   State Associational Team VBS Training – VIRTUAL – 9:00am till 12:45

 7 – 14   -   Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

     13   -    Youth Evangelism Conference, Nashville, 7:00pm – VIRTUAL at

     15   -    Pastor's Meeting - 11:00am

     16   -    Making Disciples: New Christian Assimilation Training, Baptist Center - 6:30pm

20 – 21       WMU Mission Get-Together, WEBINAR with TBMB –

     22  -     Executive Board  - 6:00pm

     28    -   Palm Sunday


April 2021: Annie Armstong Easter Offering / Praying for NAMB Missions

    4   -      EASTER SUNDAY - He is Risen!!

   12    -    Pastor's Meeting - 11:00am

   18   -     Baptist Doctrine Study Sunday

   18   -     Bible Drills (Red Cycle), Fair Haven, Shelbyville, 2:00pm

   19   -     Motlow Board Meeting

   20    -    VBS Training - Southside Baptist Church, Shelbyville, 5:00pm Supper, 6:00pm Training

   24   -     State Bible Drills, FBC Columbia, 10:00am


May 2021:

    3    -   Senior Adult Sunday, SBC

    6  -    National Day of Prayer

    9    -  Mother's Day

   10  -   Pastor's Meeting, Shoney's Lewisburg - 11:00am

   11  -   Reaching Your Zip/Backyard Kid’s Club – Mt Moriah Baptist Church, Lewisburg 6:00PM

   24  -   Executive Board – TBD 6:00pm


June 2021: Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, TN

      12    -    CrossOver Missions Nashville, TN

14 - 15   -    DOM & Pastor's Conferences, Nashville, TN

15 - 16 -      Southern Baptist Convention Meeting, Nashville, TN

     20    -     FATHER'S DAY

     20    -     Baptist Men's Day, SBC

24-July 22 – ALASKA MISSION – various teams

     28   -      Citizenship & Religious Liberty Sunday, SBC


July 2021: Missions Month- Praying for Mission Teams

June24-July 22 – ALASKA MISSION – various teams

     4     -   INDEPENDENCE DAY - Happy 4th of July!!

  TBD   -    Copper Basin Mission, Ducktown, TN

   18    -    Send Relief Sunday, SBC / Disaster Relief Special Offering


August 2021: Back to School Emphasis- Praying for Students, Teachers, Administration

     8   -      Student Evangelism Sunday, SBC - Back to School Sunday

    16   -     Pastor's Meeting, Baptist Center, Shelbyville - 11:00am

25 – Sept 4 -   Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration Event



September 2021: Praying for Student Evangelism

     5     -    Single Adult Sunday, SBC

     6    -     LABOR DAY

5 – 12  -     Week of Prayer for GOLDEN Offering

     13   -    Pastor's Meeting, Shoney's Lewisburg - 11:00am

     13   -    Fall Discipleship Showcase 2021 - 6:30pm

     14   -    Associational Leadership Team Meeting – 7:00pm

     22   -    “SEE YOU AT THE POLE” Wednesday prayer around the flag pole

     27   -    Executive Board, Location TBD - 6:00pm


October 2021: New Duck River Baptist Association Emphasis

       3   -     Personal Evangelism Commitment Sunday, SBC

     11   -     Pastor's Meeting, Baptist Center, Shelbyville - 11:00am

     12   -     Audit Committee Meeting – 5:30pm, Baptist Center Office

     15   -     ACPs Due (Annual Church Profiles)

17 - 24 -     New Duck River Baptist Association Week of Prayer:

                       Special Offering for Williams Scholarship Fund

     25   -     76th Annual Meeting, TBD

                        5:45pm First Session - Reports

6:30pm Fellowship Meal

7:15pm Second Session – Business and Worship


November 2021: Tennessee Baptist Summit

     7     -     Daylight Savings Time ENDS

     7     -     Disaster Relief Appreciation Sunday Special Offering

     8     -     Pastor’s Meeting, Lewisburg Shoney’s, 11am

14 - 17  -    Tennessee Baptist Summit




December 2021: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions

Nov 28 – 5  Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions

    7    -      Pastor/Staff/Wife Christmas Fellowship, TBA




Dates and Events may be added and changed during the year to meet the needs of churches, pastors and members.



New Duck River Baptist Association. 902 Union Street, Shelbyville, TN 37160 / 931-684-6592