Friday, July 19, 2019

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New Duck River Baptist Association News
March - April 2019
There is much activity in the association in the areas of training, missions, ministries, Bible Drills and I expect more to come in the near weeks and months. As I write this we are in the middle of heavy rains and localized flooding. I expect our Disaster Relief teams will be busy on mission.
Speaking of Disaster Relief, I am now an official trainer for Tennessee Baptist DR in the areas of: Introduction to DR; Chainsaw; Spiritual Care/Evangelism; Flood Recovery; Ash-Out and Disaster Assessments. If you or your church, no matter the size or number, wishes to be certified in DR, I can do it. Just give me a call.
Spring is a time of Celebrating New Life and EASTER! Spring is a time of renewal, when we see God’s Creation displayed in the newness of growth. Celebrate the new life as you are on mission and making disciples. Share Jesus and offer to all new life in Him. And- Disciple-making isn’t disciple-making until the disciples disciple.
Summer mission opportunities are just around the corner. If you plan to be involved in a NDRBA Summer Mission Trip, sign up soon. Vacation Bible School and Backyard Kids Clubs are awesome local and distant mission trip opportunities!
During these days, if you hear, see or know of a person experiencing a disaster event and our DR Teams can assist, give me a call. Also, celebrate Jesus wherever you go by sharing Him with those you encounter. Let’s all be the hands and feet of Jesus with the people hurting and lost around us.
In Him, 
The Associational Vacation Bible School Training is Saturday, April 13th beginning at 8:00am at Southside Baptist Church, 900 Canon Blvd, Shelbyville.
Reaching Your Zip / BackYard Kids Club TRAINING is Tuesday, May 7th beginning at 6:00pm at Edgemont Baptist, Shelbyville. (There will be a track this year focusing on using Students in VBS and BKC. Bring your students!)
Bridges of Hope – has begun, but it is not too late to jump on board for this fantastic opportunity of learning how about ministry to those with brain injuries, mental illnesses, suicidal tendencies and post traumatic issues. We meet each week through May 9th (except March 28 and April 18). Join us for supper at 6pm and classes to follow. Call me for more info.
Future Executive Board Meetings – March 18th at Caney Spring Baptist Church, 1444 Hwy 99, Chapel Hill at 6pm. Then on May 20th we will meet for the first executive board meeting at the Motlow BCM Building on campus at Motlow State Community College, 5938 Ledford Mill Road, Tullahoma at 6pm.
Pray for churches without permanent pastors: Calvary, Eastview, Hickory Hill, First Lynchburg, Smyrna, Short Creek and First Normandy; for the search teams as they do their work of finding God’s man for the church; for the lost (sign up at for the mapping center); and for me as I have opportunity to assist you!
Association, TBMB Dates:
March 2019: Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
      3    -    West Tennessee Evangelism Rally / Training – Union University, Jackson, TN
 3 - 10  -    Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
      7    -     Bridges of Hope 3 – Baptist Center, Shelbyville – 6:00pm supper, 6:30pm class
      9    -     Association VBS Team to Training – Tulip Grove Baptist Church, Old Hickory
     11   -     Pastor's Meeting, Shoney's Lewisburg - 11:00am
     14   -     Bridges of Hope 4 – Baptist Center, Shelbyville – 6:00pm supper, 6:30pm class
 15 - 16 -   Youth Evangelism Conference, Nashville
     18  -      Executive Board – Caney Spring Baptist Church, Chapel Hill  - 6:00pm
     21 -      Bridges of Hope 5 – Baptist Center, Shelbyville – 6:00pm supper, 6:30pm class
April 2019:
     4    -    Bridges of Hope 6 – Baptist Center, Shelbyville – 6:00pm supper, 6:30pm class
5 – 6   -    WMU Mission Get-Together, Gatlinburg - TBC
     7    -    Bible Drills (Blue Cycle), Fair Haven, Shelbyville, 2:00pm
    8    -    Pastor's Meeting, Baptist Center, Shelbyville - 11:00am
   11   -     Bridges of Hope 7 – Baptist Center, Shelbyville – 6:00pm supper, 6:30pm class
   13    -    Association Vacation Bible School Clinic - Southside Baptist Church, Shelbyville, 8:00am
   14   -     Palm Sunday
   19   -     “Passion of the Christ” Movie Night at Baptist Center, 6:30pm
   21  -     EASTER SUNDAY - He is Risen!!
   22   -     Motlow Board Meeting
   27   -    State Bible Drills, FBC Columbia, 10:00am
May 2019:
    5    -    Senior Adult Sunday, SBC
    7    -    Reaching Your Zip/Backyard Kid’s Club – 6:00PM – Edgemont Baptist, Shelbyville
  12    -   Mother's Day
12 - 18 -    Christian Home Week, SBC
   13  -   Pastor's Meeting, Shoney's Lewisburg - 11:00am
   15  -   Sunday School Training Event, Youth Ministry - 6:00pm
   20  -   Executive Board Meeting, Motlow BCM Building, Lynchburg - 6:00pm
   27  -   MEMORIAL DAY
June 2019: Southern Baptist Convention, Birmingham, AL
      8    -     CrossOver Missions Birmingham, AL
11 - 12 -     Southern Baptist Convention Meeting, Birmingham, AL
     16    -     FATHER'S DAY
     16    -     Baptist Men's Day, SBC
     23    -     Mission: Dignity Sunday, SBC
26-July 6 – ALASKA MISSION – various teams
     30   -     Citizenship & Religious Liberty Sunday, SBC
July 2019:June 26-July 6 – ALASKA MISSION – various teams
     4     -    INDEPENDENCE DAY - Happy 4th of July!!
6 - 13   -    Copper Basin / Appalachia Mission Week
New Duck River Baptist Association
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