Friday, June 05, 2020

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New Duck River Baptist Association News


May - June 2020



“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” (Proverbs 27:1) These words from the WORD couldn’t ring more true than now.


As I drive around and pray for each church, pastor, congregations and ministry area of the church, I ask the Father, for than anything else, for a Great Spiritual Awakening to come. Pray with me about that.


Life, church, ministry, missions have all gone through a significant stress and changes are taking place; some for the good, others not so. The normal that once was is now past history. As we embrace the new normal, whatever that may look like, embrace it knowing that the Father is in control and HE is still on HIS throne. HE is our Rock; HE is our Salvation; HE is our ever-present Guide in the face of all this.


There have been many schedule changes. I am thankful for an association of churches that are cooperating for the cause of the Great Commission and flexible to make the changes necessary to keep on track of sharing Jesus! You are stepping up in assisting sister churches and pastors in the many difficult situations. Thank you!


A few updates: The Mission Center (El Bethel Property), although on hold, will come alive with His work as soon as possible. I am excited to see what He is going to do with that which He has entrusted to this association. Soon the Church Planting atmosphere will be instituted with a Spanish Church; in the early fall, a  Language Training Center and much more.


Vacation Bible School may look very different. Four possible strategies for VBS are: Traditional VBS later in the summer or during a month of Sunday School VBS; individual Neighborhood VBS (Backyard Kids Club); Home VBS (via other means such as ZOOM , Messenger Groups or rotational VBS in homes for different rotational stops, etc); other Alternate Schedules (4-5 consecutive Wednesday nights or Sunday evenings, Back-to-school blasts, Fall School Break, after school VBS, etc.).


We missed so many opportunities to gather the last 9 plus weeks for Disaster Relief Training; the Sunday School Showcase; Children’s Bible Drills; Association VBS Clinic; Reaching Your Zip; Executive Board; Palm Sunday; Easter Service; Pastor Meetings; and so much more. Some of the events will be rescheduled later. Others will need to wait till next year.


I am conducting regular ZOOM meetings with your pastors and sending out update e-mails. Please keep your eyes and ears open to changes in the Calendar.


I am blessed to be your AMS / DOM or whatever you want to call me! I enjoy the invitations to be NEAR you as we Network, Equip, Assist and Resource for Kingdom-work effectively. Just call on me!


In Him,